Our courses for Linguistic Spanish Staff training Week

Intensive Spanish

Description: 25h of Spanish + 1 cultural activity

Dates 2019:

March 4th-8th 

April 1st-5th

May 13th-17th, May 27th-31st

June 3rd-7th June 10th-14th (A1)

Price: 350€

Customized Spanish

Description: 25h of Spanish + 1 cultural activity

Dates 2019: Chose your own dates from January 14th to June 27th and from September 9th to December 20th 

Requirements: Minimum 4 participants same level of Spanish

Price: 350€

CLIL para profesores

Description: 25h Spanish Course for teachers who would like to teach subjects in Spanish (CLIL) through an Inquiry-based methodology

Dates 2019:

  March 4th-15th

  April 1st-12th

  May 13th-24th, May 27th- June 7th 

  June 10th-21st 

Price: 350€

Got any questions? Send an e-mail to StaffTraining@SpainBcn.com or Erasmus@SpainBcn.com 


1st-To get the PRE REGISTRATION FORM send an e-mail to Erasmus@SpainBcn.com telling us which course you would like to take  or fill out the form down below with the same information                                                                                                                          2st-Fill out and send the SpainBcn-Programs Staff Training Week in Barcelona PRE REGISTRATION FORM to Erasmus@SpainBcn.com
3rd- After we receive the PreRegistration Form, we'll send you the INVITATION LETTER to attend SpainBcn-Programs Staff Training Week in Barcelona.
4th.- After, most of the participants send us the Staff Mobility for Training -Mobility Agreement,that we, at SpainBcn-Programs , have to sign and to stamp.  Note: In case you do not need The agreement, just inform me and we'll go to next step (point number 4)
5th - PAYMENT Payment & Registration fees can be done:
      a.- By Bank Transfer or credit card . Transfer fees are to be paid by sender.
      b.- At SpainBcn-Programs School in Barcelona (by credit card or cash) the first day of class.
Please let us know your option of payment at Erasmus@SpainBcn.com.
6th.- A week before your program starts, we'll send you a PDF with your program, information regarding transportation in Barcelona, Museums, activities, excursions... and the list with the names of the other participants, emails...
7th.- See you in Barcelona!!

         For any information or              PRE REGISTRATION FORM

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