Erasmus+KA1  International Mobility Training week Courses

Courses are organized following all safety regulations.
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What we offer

Mobility Language Training Weeks: Spanish / English

You want to improve your Spanish or English?

SpainBcn-Programs offers an intensive Language Training week for teaching and non-teaching University Staff - Spanish/English.

Participants can benefit from the funding opportunities provided by European Commission's Erasmus+ Program.

Mobility Training Weeks: ICT for Language Teachers

For teachers interested in applying new technologies in their classes and to also empower and support of language learning. We'll see an outlook on best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general.

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SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
Carrer del Pare Lainez, 19, 08025, Barcelona, Spain

* There are different locations depending on your dates and levels. Make sure to contact us at  Or by Facebook.  

Phone number

(+34) 633 163 789 or (+34) 633 033 804