At SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, we also offer programs for University Professors and Staff, to learn more visit SpainBcn.com.

SpainBcn-Programs' OID: E10336106.

Spanish / English

You want to improve your Spanish or English?

SpainBcn-Programs offers an intensive Language Training week for teaching and non-teaching University Staff - Spanish/English.

Participants can benefit from the funding opportunities provided by European Commission's Erasmus+ Program.

ICT for professors/staff

For teachers interested in applying new technologies in their classes and to also empower and support of language learning. We'll see an outlook on best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general.


Elevate your Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) expertise with our specialized training. Seamlessly merge content and language instruction, enriching both learning aspects. Delve into effective techniques, innovative tools, and practical approaches for a holistic educational experience.

Soft Skills:

Enhance Your Skills: Gain proficiency in effective communication, allowing you to express yourself with clarity and confidence. Develop strong teamwork abilities, mastering the art of collaborative work and fostering a harmonious group dynamic. Sharpen your problem-solving prowess, honing critical thinking skills to approach challenges with ease. Acquire valuable time management techniques. Uncover insights into leadership, discovering your potential to lead and inspire others.

Art for All:

Ignite creativity in education with our immersive art-focused training. Infuse diverse artistic techniques into your teaching toolkit, from painting to digital art. Empower students through transformative artistic exploration across various subjects.

Mobility Training Weeks: Eco-Courses

Champion sustainability in education through our dedicated training. Learn practical strategies and resources to integrate eco-consciousness into teaching. From renewable energy to waste reduction, inspire environmentally responsible learners for a greener future.