Making the most out of Apps, ICT and Social Media in the Classroom 

OVERALL OBJECTIVES OF Integrating New Technologies into Teaching and Education

This 20-hour course is aimed at educators who want to harness the potential of new technologies, apps, and social media to enhance their teaching practices. Participants will explore various tools, strategies, and pedagogical approaches to create dynamic and effective learning environments.


  • Technology Awareness: Develop a deep understanding of the potential of new technologies, apps, and social media for educational enhancement.

  • Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on proficiency in utilizing various tools, apps, and platforms to create engaging and effective learning environments.

  • Educational Goals Identification: Identify specific teaching needs and objectives for integrating technology, apps, and social media effectively.

  • Digital Resource Exploration: Explore and utilize a wide range of digital resources, apps, and online platforms to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

  • Online and Blended Learning Mastery: Master the design and delivery of online and blended learning experiences, including creating multimedia-rich lessons to maximize student engagement.

  • Mobile Learning Expertise: Leverage mobile devices and the BYOD approach for educational purposes, selecting appropriate apps and creating mobile-friendly content.

  • Flipped Classroom Proficiency: Develop skills in creating engaging video lessons, implementing flipped classroom strategies, and promoting active learning in blended settings.

  • Data-Driven Pedagogy: Harness data-driven education and learning analytics to personalize learning experiences while considering ethical data collection and usage.