B1 English Courses Information


The B1 English course aims to provide learners with a solid foundation in the English language, focusing on building practical communication skills that learners can use in real-life situations. The course balances structure with engagement to make learning enjoyable and effective. 

The course is made to emphasise practical communication skills for real-life situations. We blend structured learning with engaging activities to make the learning process effective and enjoyable.

Here are the main objectives for an English course at level B1:

  • Vocabulary and Grammar: Expand vocabulary related to common topics like family, hobbies, travel, work, and daily activities. Introduce more complex sentence structures and verb tenses (past simple, present perfect, future forms) to enhance communication skills. Teach essential grammar concepts such as articles, prepositions, and basic clauses.
  • Speaking and Listening: Encourage learners to engage in conversations on various practical topics, building confidence in speaking. Provide listening exercises featuring different accents and speeds to improve listening comprehension. Practice giving and understanding instructions, making reservations, and participating in discussions.
  • Reading and Writing: Introduce short texts, articles, and stories to improve reading comprehension skills. Teach strategies for understanding the main ideas, identifying key details, and inferring meaning from context. Guide learners in writing emails, informal letters, and short paragraphs, focusing on clarity and coherence.
  • Cultural Awareness: Explore English-speaking cultures and customs, promoting understanding of cultural differences and similarities. Discuss social norms, greetings, and etiquette in different English-speaking countries.
  • Interactive Activities: Incorporate group discussions, role-plays, and debates to encourage active participation and real-life language use.
  • Practical Language Skills: Provide practice for giving presentations, sharing personal experiences, and participating in job interviews. Help learners develop fluency by encouraging spontaneous speaking and thinking in English.