B2 Spanish Courses Information


This Spanish language course is designed to elevate your proficiency in Spanish to the upper-intermediate (B2) level. It provides a comprehensive exploration of advanced grammar structures, vocabulary, and language skills necessary for effective communication in diverse real-life contexts. By the end of this course, you will have the linguistic tools to engage in complex conversations, express your thoughts and opinions, and understand nuanced cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.

Here are the main objectives for the Spanish B2:

Sentence Structure:

  • Advanced sentence structures, including complex sentences and subordination.
  • Mastery of statement construction, negative sentences, and various question forms.
  • Proficient use of word order for emphasis and clarity in sentences.

Articles, Determiners, and Pronouns:

  • Fluent use of articles (definite and indefinite) and demonstratives in a variety of contexts.
  • Accurate choice of determiners (e.g., possessives, quantifiers) to convey precise meaning.
  • Proficiency in pronoun usage, including reflexive and relative pronouns.

Gender and Number in Adjectives and Nouns:

  • Mastery of gender and number agreement in adjectives and nouns, even in irregular cases.
  • Skillful application of noun-adjective agreement rules in diverse contexts.

Verbs Ser and Estar. Verb Haber in Impersonal Structures: Hay/No hay…

  • Confident and nuanced usage of verbs Ser and Estar to express various states and characteristics.
  • Proficiency in employing verb haber in impersonal structures such as "Hay" (there is/there are) and "No hay" (there isn't/there aren't).

Adverbs, Prepositions, and Place, Time, and Frequency Expressions:

  • Advanced command of adverbs, including their placement within sentences for precise meaning.
  • Fluent use of prepositions to convey relationships between objects and locations.
  • Mastery of expressions related to place, time, and frequency, allowing for rich descriptions and storytelling.

Indicative Tenses:

  • Proficiency in using the Present Indicative tense for various purposes, including habitual actions and general truths.
  • Confident conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the Present tense.
  • Skillful use of "Estar + gerund" to express ongoing actions.
  • Competence in employing "ir a + infinitive" to indicate future plans or intentions.

Basic Vocabulary:

  • Expanded vocabulary repertoire, encompassing a wide range of topics, beyond those at the A1 level.
  • Ability to discuss and describe topics such as emotions, professions, hobbies, and more.
  • Fluency in discussing everyday activities, family relationships, clothing choices, and personal preferences.

Colors, Shapes, Daily Activities, the Classroom, a Description, the Family, Clothes:

  • Proficiency in describing and discussing various colors and shapes in detail.
  • Fluency in narrating daily routines and activities with precision.
  • Skillful conversation about classroom settings and educational topics.
  • Capability to provide detailed descriptions of people, places, and objects.
  • Comfortable discussion of family members, their roles, and relationships.
  • Proficiency in talking about clothing, fashion choices, and personal styles.