Language Teaching Methodology

This course aims to equip teachers with the skills, strategies, and confidence to effectively teach English as a second language (ESL). It focuses on enhancing language proficiency, exploring dynamic teaching methods, and embracing cultural diversity to create an engaging and enriching learning environment for students

Enhance your teaching expertise in ESL through this course. The curriculum is designed to hone your language proficiency, unveil innovative teaching methodologies, and celebrate cultural diversity, all aimed at curating a stimulating and enriching learning for your students.

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Overview of Activities:

  • Language Teaching Sessions (5 days): Engage in interactive sessions exploring a myriad of teaching methodologies, focusing on application in ESL (English as a Second Language) settings.
  • 2 Afternoon Activities: Afternoon tours of Barcelona to apply and refine the acquired skills.

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  • 20h (1 week): €350 - €450 per person.
  • 40h (2 weeks): €700 - €900 per person.
  • Includes all material + 2 extracurricular activities (free and optional).

Deep Dive into Activities:

  • Language Teaching Sessions: Dive into dynamic sessions covering the spectrum of language teaching methodologies, from communicative approaches to cultural sensitivity, aimed at practical application in educational environments.
  • Afternoon Activities: Engage in practical workshops, interactive discussions, afternoon tours of Barcelona, and networking events to apply and reinforce the learned skills.
  • Group Discussions and Exercises: Engage in group projects, discussions, and hands-on exercises to apply the acquired skills in real-world teaching scenarios.
  • Networking Opportunities: Utilize networking events to expand professional connections and share knowledge.
  • Resource Development: Create a personalized toolkit filled with practical resources, exercises, and strategies for effective language teaching.

Outcomes: Upon successful completion, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive set of skills and strategies, ready to foster a vibrant, engaging, and inclusive language learning environment. They will be well-prepared to enhance communication, collaboration, and cultural appreciation among their students, thereby contributing to a rich and productive educational setting.