Mobility Training Week Courses in Barcelona with SpainBcn


SCHOOLS: Educational Institutions, Primary-Secondary. Teachers, schools leaders, administration members and other staff.

UNIVERSITIES: Academic staff, teaching, nonteaching and administrative staff


Barcelona, Spain.

Participants will attend their courses in our private language school in Barcelona .

Office Address: c/ Pare Lainez, 19 - 08025 Barcelona

* There are different school locations depending on the SpainBcn-Program and course dates you attend. Contact us.

SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona:

PIC number: 933769240

OID: E10139423


Courses will be taught in Spanish or in English. Please confirm your dates and language.

Activities to be carried out :

Morning: classes are Monday through Friday from 9,30 to 2,30

Afternoon activities: Guided visit and Historical Route in Gothic and Medieval area in Barcelona


350€ per person including all material + Extracurricular activity (free) guided tour in the old Barcelona.

If the course dates have to be postponed/changed due to an emergency situation, the fees paid will be valid for any other course offered by SpainBcn-Programs during the following 12 months.


You can use any of the financial sources offered by your University, Erasmus+ Programs (or private, depending on your possibilities).

This course is included in the Erasmus+ programme.

SpainBcn-Programs' PIC number: 933769240

SpainBcn-Programs' OID number: E10139423

Overall objectives of the mobility:

Possibility of attending an intensive block course that will be created according to your needs/requests.

Adding curricular value, improving the quality of the teaching in the EU.

Increased cooperation with international partners .

Added value of the mobility (in the context of the modernization and internationalization strategies of the institutions involved):

Depending on the language of the classes, there will be an improvement of Spanish or English, by using the technical vocabulary. Improvement of the language skills in English or Spanish by using them in an Academic Environment .

Better insight into Spanish culture and way of life, the cultural background and basic linguistic behavior of visitors from Spain, as well as Spanish students.

Expected outcomes and impact:

Improvement of the communication and methodological competences

Rich talks and discussions with people form Europe.

Exploring the links and opposites of every culture and nation.

Broader opinions from people considering political, economic or ecological themes.


Certificate of Attendance with description of training content, time input and achievement.

Download the incription form and send it to us at to be eligible to get the certificateof attendance