Soft Skills

Enhance your personal and professional development by focusing on the acquisition and integration of essential soft skills. This curriculum is tailored to ensure a holistic understanding and application of crucial soft skills imperative for success in both personal and professional realms. Learn to apply these crucial soft skill and how to teach them in your classroom.


  • Grasp a thorough understanding of soft skills and their significance.
  • Learn to teach and apply these soft skills in your classroom
  • Master the art of communicating succinctly and clearly.
  • Develop enhanced interpersonal skills for building and nurturing positive relationships.
  • Sharpen problem-solving and critical thinking abilities for tackling challenges creatively.

Course Options:

  • 20 hours (1 week): Classes from Monday to Friday
  • 40 hours (2 weeks): Classes from Monday to Friday

Overview of Activities:

  • Soft Skills Training Sessions (5 days): Delve into interactive sessions covering a myriad of soft skills, with a focus on application in educational settings.
  • 2 Afternoon Activities: Engage in workshops, interactive discussions, and afternoon tours of Barcelona to apply and refine the acquired skills.

Tailor your course schedule to fit your convenience. Reach out to us at:


  • 20h (1 week): €350 per person.
  • 40h (2 weeks): €700 per person.
  • Includes all material + 2 extracurricular activities (free and optional).

Deep Dive into Activities:

  • Soft Skills Training Sessions: Participate in dynamic sessions covering the spectrum of soft skills, from communication to conflict resolution, aimed at practical application in educational environments.
  • Afternoon Activities: Engage in practical workshops, interactive discussions, afternoon tours of Barcelona, and networking events to apply and reinforce the learned skills.
  • Group Discussions and Exercises: Engage in group projects, discussions and hands-on exercises to apply the acquired skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Resource Development: Create a personalized toolkit filled with practical resources, exercises, and strategies for nurturing soft skills in professional settings.

Upon successful completion, participants will be armed with a comprehensive set of soft skills, ready to create a positive, engaging, and inclusive learning environment. They will be well-prepared to foster effective communication, collaboration, and emotional intelligence among their students, thereby contributing to a harmonious and productive educational setting.