ICT courses

ICT & CLIL - 1 week (Spanish or English)

ICT course & language from B1 - 2 weeks (Spanish or English)

ICT & language from B1 - 1 weeks (Spanish or English)

These courses can be taught in English or in Spanish. They are designed for teachers interested in applying new technologies in their classes. We´ll go over the best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general. 


1.- Creativity & ICT in the classroom (SCHOOL ICT 101)
2.- Using technology in classroom (SCHOOL ICT 102)
3.- Teaching the fun way in the digital era: Game based learning (SCHOOL ICT 103)
4.- Creating Digital Educational Resources 
5.- Mastering soft skills (SCHOOL ICT 200)
6.- ICT courses + language course (SCHOOL ICT 300)

All of these courses can be taken in English or Spanish.


ICT - 1 Week €350/person
ICT - 2 Weeks: €700/person
ICT & CLIL - 1 Week, Spanish or English: €400/person


Write us at: Erasmus@SpainBcn.com

SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
PIC number: 933769240
OID: E10139423

ICT June 2022 course
ICT June 2022 course

Current open courses (more on demand):

January 23-27 (in English) 
March 20-24 (in Spanish)
June 26-30 (in English)
July 24 -28 (in English)


Dates and content of courses to be fixed according to needs and requests. Contact us at Erasmus@Spainbcn.com.

ICT Courses for teachers, 2021 Summer ICT classes
ICT Courses for teachers, 2021 Summer ICT classes


SCHOOLS: Educational Institutions, Primary-Secondary. Teachers, schools leaders, administration members and other staff.

UNIVERSITIES: Academic staff, teaching and non-teaching and administrative staff

LOCATION:  Barcelona, Spain.

Participants will attend their courses in our private language school in Barcelona .

Address: c/ Pare Lainez, 19 - 08025 Barcelona

PIC number: 933769240

OID: E10139423


Courses will be taught in Spanish or in English.
Please confirm your dates and language.

The course is designed for those who are interested in applying new technologies in their classes, to also empower and support language learning. We'll see an outlook on best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general.


Depending on the group´s needs and level of participants the content of each course will be adapted to cover:

- Best apps, web platforms and ICT resources for learning.

- Adaptation of previously created materials to digital platforms

- Creation of creative material for e-learning environments

- How to create and use multimedia content to teach: Podcast, Storytelling, Games,

- Crosswords and didactic interaction in e-learning platforms.

- Basic concepts about web design.

- Improve student participation in the classroom through the use of technologies.

- Creation of digital content that serves as a complement to textbooks.

- Activities inside and outside the classroom.

Activities to be carried out :

Morning or afternoon classes (depending on levels):
Monday - Friday from 9,30 am to 1,30 pm or from 9:30 am to 12,30 pm
Monday - Friday from 4:30 pm to 7:00 

Morning or afternoon activities (optional and free): Guided visit and Historical Route in Gothic and Medieval area in Barcelona, museums, ...


350€ per person including all material + Extracurricular activity (free) guided tour in the old Barcelona.

If the course dates have to be postponed/changed due to an emergency situation, the fees paid will be valid for any other course offered by SpainBcn-Programs during the following 12 months.


SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
Carrer del Pare Lainez, 19, 08025, Barcelona, Spain*

* There are different school locations depending

on the course dates you attend. CONTACT US.


Phone number
(+34) 633 163 789 or (+34) 633 033 804